Ordering a Uniform

All St George athletes require a club uniform.  For u6 and above age groups, the uniform comprises 2 pieces.  For Tiny Tots, only a single item (Singlet or Crop Top) is required – any shorts can be worn.

Orders for uniforms should be placed on-line during registration and must be picked up at Olds Park on Orientation Day or just prior to commencement of our Friday evening competitions (5:30 to 6pm).  If you’re not sure of the size, make your best guess, and you can swap items when you pick them up.

If you need to acquire uniform items after having registered, you can access the online Uniform Shop.

See the following chart for sizing information:   Uniform Sizes

Uniform Items & Prices are as follows:

$35.00 (Adult sizes)
Boys Shorts
Girls Crop Top
Girls Bike Pants
$25.00 (Adult sizes)


Please assist us to avoid the need to handle cash by ordering on-line.


Attaching Bib Numbers & Patches

Registration numbers must be attached to the centre front of tops.  The Age Patch is to be attached to the left front side of the uniform such that it is always visible.  The Coles sponsor patch is placed on the top right hand side of tops.  (Left & Right with respect to the wearer.)

The following photo(s) show correct presentation of the uniform including placement of the various patches.  [Note:  Actual design of patches / bib number may not be identical to that shown in the photo(s).]

Uniform for u6-u17

All registration numbers must show the coloured border.  No modifications can be made.  [Where a distinct U12 to U17 dual registration bib is issued (not applicable in 2020/21) this may be folded behind (if the bib is too big for the uniform top) – however the registration number and the bottom section of the bib must be visible.]

Note that the Bib and Patches must be sewn (preferred) or neatly pinned (with safety pins) to the uniform.  They are not “iron-on”.