Parent Helpers

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Parent Helper Roster for Season 2020/21 + Age Managers

There is no parent roster this season!   We are going to ask all parents to use the on-line “Sign-up” to nominate the role they’ll fulfil for the evening, and to do so before coming to the ground.

In part, this is a response to the COVID situation.  We need to take steps that minimise or eliminate groups congregating eg. as happens if duty allocation is done at the ground upon arrival.

We do need one or two parents per Age Group to step forward as relatively ‘permanent’ Age Managers – responsible for leading the athletes through their events and recording results achieved (or marking off ‘participation’ in the case of Tiny Tots).   Other key roles of Age Managers include:

  • Collecting the Age Group folder (containing recording sheets);
  • Taking the role as the children arrive;
  • Encouraging the children;
  • Returning results sheets to the Recorder

Here is a document from LANSW that provides a number of suggested tips for Age Managers:  Guide for Age Managers.

Parent Officials

At club level, “officiating” is in large part the responsibility of parent helpers.   Each age group (eg. “under 7 girls”) is accompanied by an Age Manager (and an assistant if the group is large) – who leads their group through each event.  Only the Age Manager moves about from event to event with their group.  A small team of parents will also be located at each event station (eg. High Jump) and will supervise the performance of those events (for all Age Groups passing through) together with the respective Age Group Manager.  For Field Events, “supervise” includes checking events are performed “legally”, measuring the performance, retrieving implements, and so on.

The roles of the parent officials for Field Events are generally as follows:

Age Manager/
Official 1
Official 2Official 3Official 4
Lead Group
Call Next Athlete
Read & Record Result
Judge Fouls
Pull Tape / Measure
Spike throws
Judge Javelin Landing
Set HJ bar in place
Retrieve Implement
Set HJ bar in place
Rake Pit / Spray water

For Track Events, officials supervise the Start Line and the Finish Line:

Age Manager/
Official 1
Official 2Officials 3 and 4
Lead Group
Keep Order at Start Line
Keep Order at Start Line
Assign Lanes to Runners
Finish Line - for Laned Races - Keep runners in "lane order" and guide them to Recorder's Table.
Finish Line - For Pack Races - Hand out Place Numbers as runners finish and guide to Table.

NoteWhile the tables show 4 officials (and this is ideal), it may be necessary to operate with fewer on occasion.

These roles are set out in more detail in the following sheet:   Parent Helper Roles (Officials)  Be sure to check out the information on the Guide to Parent Helping page where you’ll find helpful information – both videos and various 1-page guides – about how to perform these roles.

Other Helper Roles

While most help is needed in the “parent officials” roles, there are also a number other roles that need parent involvement.  These include:    Canteen & BBQ, Track Starters, Track Recorders & Hurdle Helpers.

RoleWhat's Involved
Track StarterUse electronic equipment to start races using the following procedures:
Electronic Race Starting
Track RecorderUse a computer application to record athlete names aganst electronically captured times. Follow these procedures:
Recording Race Results
Track Recorder's AssistantAssist the Track Recorder to collect the number/name of each runner in the correct order
Hurdle HelpersMove Hurdles into position on the Straight Track and adjust heights / positions as necessary. Hurdle positions are marked on a tape running the length of the straight track. The main task for Hurdle Helpers is to ensure the correct number of hurdles are in the correct locations and set to the correct heights for Age Group about to run.