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How to Join

St George Little Athletics relies on parental involvement in all activities and can't operate without it.
We do not provide a babysitting service and so no child may be left unattended by a parent/carer at the park during competition.
Athletes found without a parent/carer in attendance will be unable to participate and asked not to return unless parents/carers fulfil their obligations.

A parent/carer must be able to assist on a Friday evening at least every fortnight with such things as:
  • setting up equipment before competition
  • being an Age Group Manager
  • helping run athlete events
  • at the BBQ
  • data entry of athlete results
  • packing equipment away after comptetion
Please be sure you are able to meet this commitment before deciding if you wish to register your child

You and your child will find your time spent with us more rewarding and enjoyable by getting involved.