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Little Athletics Centres are run wholly by volunteers – parents just like you.


Your Key Next Steps – after completing online registration….

If you’ve completed the on-line registration process (see the How to Join page), your next steps are:

  1. Get connected to our Communications options
  2. Acquire a Uniform
  3. Pick up a Registration Pack
  4. Review your options for Parent Helping.

The above steps are summarised on the How to Join page.  More information is below and in other linked sections of this website.


How We Communicate (Email, Team App, Social Media)

  • We use a broadcast Email tool within our athletics managements system (ResultsHQ).   Within a day or two after registering, you will receive an invitation to set up your personal (“family”) access to ResultsHQ.   (You will want to accept that invitation as it provides excellent information about your child’s results.)   When you first connect, it allows you to choose to accept or decline various categories of Email.   Please leave the settings as “YES”.   We don’t send you junk marketing emails & we don’t provide your email address to 3rd parties – we just need to communicate with you about your/your child’s participation at Little Athletics.
  • Emails sometimes fall into your junk mail folder.  To avoid that:   add info@stgeorgelac.org.au to your Email contacts.
  • We use a Mobile Phone App called:  “Stack Team App“.   We ask all parents/guardians to install Team App on their mobile device.   Follows the steps in the Team App Brochure.  Note the important tips on page 2 of the brochure.
  • We are on Facebook: “StGeorgeLittleAthletics”.    Be sure to “Like” us so you’ll see our posts!
  • We are also on Instagram:   “stgeorgelac


Uniform & Registration Pack

  • Uniforms – can be purchased from our supplier at Olds Park on the dates listed on the How to Join page.  You can also purchase on-line – see the Uniforms  page
  • Registration Pack – can be collected at Olds Park (see the dates on the How to Join page).  Bring a copy of:
    • Proof of child’s Age document (if you didn’t upload it during online registration & this is your first time with St George) – a good photo of it on your phone will suffice.
    • A filled in Working with Children’s Declaration form, one form for each adult who may attend Little Athletics
    • A filled in Parent Duty Commitment form
  • The Registration Pack includes patches that need to be affixed (preferably sewn) onto the uniform in specific locations. This is specified on the Uniforms page of the website.
  • Check that you have completed all the steps on the  How to Join  page of the website.


Parent Helping

  • Every family needs to provide assistance by an adult (parent, grand-parent or other adult) on a regular basis.  We will specify how many times you’ll need to perform a duty, but it should NOT be more often than once per 2 weeks.  Thank you in advance if you are willing to signup for a duty more often than the minimum.
  • The various ways in which parents can assist are set out here:   Parent Helper Roles


On Friday Competition Days

  • Arrive 15mins prior to the scheduled start time for the first event.   This may vary by Age Group.   The best parking is the council car park accessed via Holley Rd & Olds Park Lane (adjacent to the Olds Park Sports Club parking area) – it will fill up, so be early.  Next best is the council car park at the Penshurst branch library.
  • Each athlete should locate their Age Group / Age Manager – go to the appropriate Age Group flag set up on the soccer field – a parent must sign-in each athlete (and sign them out at the end of the evening).
  • Parents ‘signed up’ to a duty for that Meet should report to the relevant location & time as per the duty description on the Sign-up.
  • An adult in each family must remain at Olds Park while ever your children are participating. If you are performing a duty that evening, you may need to remain a little later –  till your duty is completed.  Often you can choose a duty that lines up well with your children’s program timing.  Some duties (eg. “setup” are scheduled early, before competition even begins.)
  • Do NOT enter the main oval (inside the picket fence) unless you are performing a duty on the Track.
  • Do utilise our canteen!  It’s an important source of funding for the club.  Card transactions preferred please.
  • Should you need to collect your child from their Age Group prior to the group finishing, please be sure you inform the Age Manager so that we are not in doubt as to the whereabouts & supervision of any child.



  • The Fridays on which we do and don’t compete, together with the dates of the main interclub carnivals are set out in our Calendar.



  • We offer group coaching throughout the season for registered members.   The scope and conditions for participating are set out on the Coaching page on the website.  Specific coaching sessions will be advertised through the Sign-Up system (you’ll need to book a place(s) to attend).



  • We offer a comprehensive awards program which is described in the Handbook (which you’ll find under the “Resources” menu on the website). Important to note is that several awards have a minimum level of participation as a pre-requisite:  To qualify for those awards, an athlete needs to have participated in the minimum proportion of Events offered to their Age Group across the season (as specified in the Awards section of the Handbook).   So, attending regularly and doing all scheduled events is important!



  • Almost everything you need to know about participating in Little Athletics at St George can be found in the Handbook & in the pages of our website.