Coaching Program

Scope of Coaching

Coaching for the 2023/24 season is available to registered members of St George Little Athletics (only).     The sessions available each week, the applicable age restrictions and participant limitations will be posted each week on SignUp.   You must book a spot (via SignUp) if you want to attend a session.   If you later discover you cannot attend, please remove your booking so others don’t miss out.

Sprints coaching will have an emphasis on fitness.

Field Event coaching focusses on mastering basic skills and technique to perform the events “legally”, and for beginners to improve performances.

High Jump coaching will emphasize scissor technique noting this is mandatory for U9 and U10 and highly recommended for older age groups.

There are also on-line coaching resources available here:  Athletics Skills


Conditions to Participate

  1. Places at training sessions are limited and must be booked in advance.
  2. If the session specifies an Age Group range – this will be strictly enforced – no exceptions.
  3. Please delete your booking if you can’t make it so that you don’t deny other kids a place.
  4. Athletes to wear appropriate outdoor clothing, shoes and bring a water bottle.
  5. Arrive on-time.   Late arrivals are disruptive to the session and miss the warm-up period (important to reduce risk of injury) and for these reasons will not be able to join the session.
  6. To participate, younger children need to be well-behaved and able to follow directions.
  7. A parent/guardian is required to remain at the ground during the session in sight of the coach.
  8. Parents – please assist with setup or pack up as needed.
  9. Bookings can be made here:  SignUp.

Note:  Keep an eye on Facebook and/or Team App as last minute changes to the schedule may occur.