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Latest News: Sunday, 17 March 2024
Welcome to St George Little Athletics Centre

Our 2023-24 ‘club’ season commenced on Friday 15th September 2023, and concluded with our 19th meet on Friday 15th March.

If you were not registered with us this past season, but would like a reminder when registrations are open for the 2024/25 season, you can fill in this short form:

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[For 2023/24 registered members – please don’t fill in this form – we will send you a reminder anyway!]

St George Little Athletics Centre offers a range of athletics events on Friday evenings through the warmer months, typically September to March.   Our season runs through school holidays except for a short break during the Christmas-New Year period.  See the Calendar for more details.

Children are divided into Age Groups (as set out here).  For the 2023/24 Season, we accept children turning 4 to 16 in 2023.   Those turning 5 in 2023 compete in our youngest standard age group – “under 6”, and so on for the older groups.  We also offer a Tiny Tots program for children who turn 4 during 2023.

The mix of running, throwing and jumping events we offer varies according to age and is set out in Event by Age Group.

Children from U6+ are offered a weekly competition program which encourages participation and self-improvement, not just winning.  They can view their results online each week and have the satisfaction of seeing their performances improve week by week.   There’s also a full inter-club Championships program available to all athletes (“under 7” and above), leading to State and even National titles for older athletes.

Start times and durations for the weekly competitions vary by Age Group as set out on the FAQs  page.     Duration of the meet varies with age (shorter for younger children as they do fewer events).

Our home ground is Olds Park, Forest Rd, Penshurst where we have access to a 400m track, 110m track, 4 rubber-surfaced Long/Triple jump runups, Javelin runup (grass), 3 Shot Put rings, 3 Discus rings and 4 High Jump stations as well as a dedicated area (including 50m Track) for Tiny Tot activities.  Our grass running tracks are located on premium sporting grounds maintained to a very high standard by Georges River Council.  Track events (other than Tiny Tots) feature electronic starting and capture of race times.

Registrations typically open around 1st of August and available places can fill very quickly.   To join our club, visit the How to Join page and follow all the steps there.  When registering, you can use an “Active & Creative Kids voucher” for each eligible child to reduce your fees. For more information see the NSW Government Kids Vouchers.  Financial assistance (limited) is available for those experiencing financial hardship as set out in the LANSW Athlete Assistance Program 2023.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions visit our FAQ page, or, if you don’t find your answer there, email: info@stgeorgelac.org.au

We hope you will join us for a fun-filled season of Athletics.

St George Little Athletics Centre

Once the season gets underway, use this button to Sign-up to a parent duty at our upcoming Friday Night Competitions:
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St George Little Athletics Centre is an affiliated member of Little Athletics NSW.